How To Keep Your Microphones Clean & Sanitary

If you use your microphones often, it is essential to keep up with cleaning your device for sanitary purposes. Even if you may think your mic is clean, germs and bacteria can build up inside, and can eventually cause illnesses and health risks. In this post, we will share with you some easy tips on how to clean your device. Jupiter Accessories, a micozy cases company, has top of the line microphone cases to give your device extra protection.

Microphone Cases & Cleaning Tips

The grille is where your mouth is closest to, so cleaning the top and inside of it is crucial. Most of the dirt, dust, and bacteria can be found under your grille. Lipstick, saliva, or other substances can get caught in between the small holes, which can clog the grille over time. We recommend removing the grille to clean thoroughly. Particular spray products are explicitly meant to clean microphones, so this will do absolutely no harm to any part of the device. Mic sprays help to disinfect any areas that may have bacteria on them and kills off germs. A favorite spray brand is “Microphome” which is efficient and reliable and used by many in the music industry. Microphome is alcohol-free and dries your device quickly, so you can soon put it to use shortly after the cleaning process.  

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If you do not have any professional cleaning sprays, a DIY remedy for cleaning the inside of your grill is to use a toothbrush that has softer bristles (rough bristles can potentially damage or hurt the mic). You do not have to use any liquid dish soap, but if you want a better fragrance, you can use a small drop. Dip the toothbrush in room temperature water and begin to brush the grille inside and out gently. Once clean, leave on a towel to dry completely. This should help take off most of the dirt or bacteria that can build up.

Many times, more than one person uses the same microphone, like at a recording studio, radio show, news broadcasting, etc. A great solution to sanitize a mic that is in use by many is to have different grills that are removable. This way, you are not sharing saliva and bacteria from someone who previously used the same device. It is essential to think of your health when using a microphone on a daily, so switching out the grill every so often and cleaning is crucial.

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Jupiter Accessories has an additional solution to having your microphone remain sanitary, without having to clean it for more extended periods of time. Introducing the micozy cases: 3-in-1 protecting cases that work as a cover, carrying case, and protector. Having your mic covered and not exposed to humidity, and air temperatures can help keep it clean and safe at all times when not in use. To get top of the line coverage for your device, click here to shop our microphone cases:


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