Importance of a Blue Yeti Microphone Case

Have you heard of the Yeti mic? The Blue Yeti is an extremely popular USB microphone that offers innovative use, whether for music purposes, gaming, and more. Since this microphone can be pricey when purchasing, taking care of it is critical for it to last many years down the line. This is where Jupiter Accessories steps in, to offer you the perfect Blue Yeti microphone case to cover and protect yours. In this post, we will include the importance of taking care of your mic and the benefits it will offer.

Making Your Yeti Mic Last Many Years

The Micozy Brand case that we provide our clients at Jupiter Accessories does a phenomenal job at protection. The first thing you should know about the Micozy covers is that they are made with three custom design protective layers that have special foam. This is extremely important to note so that your microphone is protected all around. Accidents happen all the time when we least expect it. Having a cushion case around your expensive product will assure that it is safe if an accident were to occur. For example, let’s say you pick up the mic and it slips out of your hand. Depending on how hard the fall was, it could severely damage the Blue Yeti. Not only are you then left without a mic, but you will most likely need to buy a new one and spend more money.

micozy covers

Another big issue with microphones is that dust gets trapped in them if left out. It may not seem like a big issue, but having dust and build-up in your mic will damage it over time. These valuable products are susceptible, and having them exposed to the air and dust will cause them to sound different than they should eventually. The Micozy Case ensures that there is no dust intact while the mic is stored away in it. It has a tight sealed-close so that no excess debris can enter.

Lastly, air temperatures and humidity can poorly affect your Blue Yeti microphone. If your music studio is cooled with air condition during the day, but hotter at night, it may affect your mic. Dry areas are always suggested to ensure that it is working smoothly and efficiently. But, if you are leaving your microphone in a more humid environment, the Micozy case will protect it from harm!

Our Micozy for Blue Yeti covers come in several color options to select from. Not only does it cover and protect your microphone, but it could be used as a carrying case. The three-in-one Yeti mic is being sold on our website for just $29.99! You can click here to view more features and purchase this item.


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