Microphones 101: How They Function

Microphones are used all over the world for many different purposes: singing, hosting, gaming, podcasting, lecturing, etc. Without mics, it would be nearly impossible for our voices to be heard and to make a difference for others. Because these devices are precious, it is vital to protect microphones with microphone bag. Jupiter Accessories carries Micozy and Micape cases that will keep them from falling or getting dirty. In this blog post, our team will share with you how microphones work and why they are so important.


Protect Microphones & Learn How They Work

All microphones have very similar functions and features. If you are singing or speaking into a microphone, your voice creates sound waves which then generate energy into your microphone. The voices others are hearing are pure energy that is brought out by vibrations. Next, Inside of the microphone is a thin piece of plastic called a “diaphragm,” which moves around when your voice releases into the mic with soundwaves. Attached to the diaphragm is a coil, which also runs the same way the diaphragm does.
Inside of your microphone is a magnet that is permanently implemented. The coil of the mic moves through the magnetic field as a current passes and flows through. Once you start singing, the electric current comes out through your microphone where you can hear via an amplifier or a recording device.

All the parts of the microphone are connected and work together to create the perfect sound. Through this simple process of the anatomy of a microphone, we can hear voices all over the world and connect with individuals on a more personal level. If we did not have microphones, we would not be able to listen to our favorite singers record new music and make albums. Music touches many people’s hearts and helps heal them, almost like a free therapy session. Without music, many people would feel down and not encouraged to live their life to the fullest.

Microphone Protection

Because these devices are so important, it is crucial to protect microphones. Jupiter Accessories has all of the microphone bags you need to keep yours from getting damaged or dirty. Unfortunately, it is prevalent for one to drop their microphone during a recording session, or leave it out as it gets filled with dirt and dust. The unique Micozy and Micape covers will restrict this from happening, as it has thick layers of cushion for protection and durable closings. For most brands, we have the right cover that will fit your mic. If you are not sure which cover will be the perfect fit for your microphone, you can log onto our website, select the brand of mic you have, the style, and it will automatically show you which case is good for it. Click here to get started.



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