Podcasters Need Reliable Microphones

Many people can agree that podcasts are the next big thing. It is both similar to radio but completely different. If you are unfamiliar with podcasts, you can think of it as a written blog online that is coming to life via audio. Anyone can start a podcast, in hopes that they will get many views and listeners if their show is catching and entertaining. Because many have started podcasting as a full-time career in the past few years, it is vital to invest in a high-quality microphone and mic case. To ensure high-quality sound for your dedicated listeners, having microphone protection is key to a successful experience.

2 Reasons Quality Microphones Are Crucial For Podcasting

The first reason to invest in a high-quality microphone and a microphone cover is to gain a good reputation. Ever notice how many people tune into big radio shows and are dedicated fans for many years? You can listen to a podcast anywhere- in the car on your long daily commute, at home relaxing on the couch, with friends, etc. So, you want to ensure that your fans get the highest quality of sound when they are listening to you. Radio show hosts always sound smooth and precise when speaking, which is why so many people enjoy listening to them. The better your episodes sound, the more viewers you can gain! You should consider the same when you start your podcast show.

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The second reason to have good microphone protection is that of multiple locations of recording. For example, let’s say you bring a surprise guest onto your podcast episode that lives in Kansas, while you are in Los Angeles. Since you are in two different locations, making sure you have a high-quality mic to hear is essential. If there is any static or sound interruption, then your fans can get frustrated and even tune out of your show. Also if you are interviewing someone in the same region as you, you are still in different locations, making it more challenging for proper connection.

Best Microphones For Podcasting?

While there are many great microphones out there to use for your podcast, two of the most popular ones are the Blue Yeti mic and the Neumann U47! Both mics are entirely reliable and transparent sounding, allowing your voice to be heard by many people all over the country. Since you are investing in a high-quality microphone, having microphone protection is crucial. Jupiter Accessories has the perfect mic cases that offer custom designed protective layers and a flexible layer for easy adjustment. Our Micozy & Micape covers come in different colors to select from, so you have several great options! These cases will keep your mic safe from hard falls, dust, debris, and more. To view and purchase your new microphone cases, click here

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