The Blues: Blue Yeti VS. Blue Snowball

Have you heard of the very popular Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball microphones? Both blue mic has many benefits and similarities, but each shows slightly different features as well. In this post, we will compare and contrast both microphones so you can see which one may be more suitable for you. If you are having a difficult time deciding between the Yeti pro and Snowball, their features and functions should give you more clarity. 

Comparing Each Blue Mic

Let’s first start off with the Blue Snowball. This incredibly efficient microphone works hard to give you the quality of sound you are looking for. 

Sounds: The sounds you will hear from your Blue Snowball microphone are 3 C’s: clean, clear, and crisp. You won’t be experiencing any cracking sounds or breakups once recording your voice, whether indoors or outdoors with excess noise. Most Likely, if you are a surrounded by a ton of sound, you may be experiencing some background noise, but the Snowball works well in multiple environments
Price: For the quality that this microphone holds, the price is extremely valuable. You can find this microphone online at an affordable price. 
Uses: The most common Blue Snowball users use this microphone for Youtube, gaming, podcasts, doing voice-overs, recording live, and more. 
The Pros: The Blue Snowball will last you many years down the line, as it is built with durable materials. It is of the right size to be able to place in multiple settings. It also helps block out sound when you are close to excessive noise. 
The Cons: Some of the cons of this microphone include: there is no mute button option, or on and off switches

Blue Yeti Case
Next, we will go over the Blue Yeti microphone, which is probably the most popular microphone out of the two. 

Sounds: This mic works great for gaming, Youtube filmmaking, podcasts, lives, and more. It is also useful for studio recording, but many vocalists may prefer something a bit more focused just on studio recording. 
Price: The Blue Yeti can be found on Amazon and online, and is worth the investment to most users. It is a bit more pricey than the Blue Snowball because it offers slightly different features. It does last you for many years down the line. You are paying a bit more for a top quality microphone.
Uses: Skyping, Podcasting, live recordings, gaming, Youtube, Video commentary and more.
The Pros: The Blue Yeti has an incredible sound quality that makes the mic worth every penny. It is straightforward to use and set up- all you do is just plug the microphone in and use. This mic also has a mute button, unlike the Blue Snowball 
The Cons: The Blue Yeti does not have an off switch. Also, it is sensitive to excess noise, and can sometimes pick up background sounds.

Both Blue mic is perfect for everyday use. Since you are purchasing a pricey microphone, it is essential to keep it safe and protected. This is where Jupiter Accessories Micozy & Micape covers step in, to provide you with affordable cases to keep your mics out of harm. They also protect and shield against dust, dirt, and debris that may get trapped in your Yeti Pro over time. To browse our 3-in-1 cases, click here:


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