The Do’s And Don’ts With Microphones

Microphones are precious and valuable to many individuals, as they help build careers, talents, and confidence. When owning a professional microphone, it is vital to be cautious with the way you use it and take care of it. To ensure microphone protection, there are some simple steps to take that will make sure yours is safe and secure. Jupiter Accessories is here to share with you some helpful tips to practice with your mic at home or in the workplace.

What To Do VS. What Not To Do

Unfortunately, it can be effortless to damage your microphone. Having some guidance on what to do or what not to can help save you a large sum of money to replace a broken mic. Here are some tips we share with our clients that have proven to help make your experience simpler:

microphone cases

1. Holding your microphone properly. Make sure to grasp your hand around the microphone entirely. We don't mean to grip on very tightly but do have a good hold on your device, so it does not fall out of your hand. There have been many unfortunate cases where an individual does not hold his or her microphone correctly, and it falls and breaks. Especially if you are dancing or moving around, you are at higher risk of a hard hit if the item is not secure.

2. Don’t tap your microphone’s head or blow on it to see if it works. There may be times where your mic does not work right or has some issues, which is normal. Some people think that tapping on their microphone will help fix it, but it can only damage it if done abruptly. Blowing into the mic can rip the inside of a mic if done repeatedly and aggressively. Also, if anyone is tuning in or listening to you speak on a microphone, blowing and tapping can hurt their ears.

3. It is essential to know not to put your lips on the microphone. Placing your mouth on the device is a common mistake that many mic users make, and can turn into a bad habit. Putting your mouth on the mic is unsanitary, and can insert dirt into the and around your microphone. Imagine you wear lipstick and put your lips on the head of the microphone. All of that lipstick can get stuck inside of the small holes, and it may be hard to clean out. Dirt from your mouth and face can also potentially damage the mic if done too many times.

It is crucial to follow these three simple steps to ensure your professional microphone is secure. An additional step you should take when finished using your device is to place it in a safe case from Jupiter Accessories, to ensure microphone protection. From Micozy & Micape, our company has the right microphone case to fit your device and brand. On sale now for just $39.99, you can get microphone protection here


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