Why Music Majors Must Protect Their Mics

Majoring in music studies at your local college or university can be very beneficial. Learning the art of music on a deeper level will enhance your knowledge, and could help you gain a good career in the music industry field. While you can learn more about the business side of music, exposing yourself to the creative side such as physically working with instruments can be fun and exhilarating. Every music school has valuable and expensive devices, including microphones. Without microphones in schools, vocalists would not be able to practice their true passions and talents. With Jupiter Accessories Microphone flight case, schools will ensure that their devices are protected from any damages. Unfortunately, it can be effortless to damage a microphone, especially at a school with many students. A Microphone Pouch will refrain from dust, debris, and hard falls from hitting through.

The Effectiveness of Microphone Pouches

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Think about it- students practice daily with many different microphones that schools put in a great deal of money to supply them with. These microphones may help them further their future careers, and help them practice for the big stages one day. Just by leaving your microphones out overnight unattained, they can get dirty and dusty. Over time, the more dirt it attracts, the less efficient it will become. It would be a shame to have to replace all of a school’s microphones because of something that could have been avoided. Teaching students to cover their microphones at the end of the day will ensure that they do not turn to junk.

Imagine this- a student accidentally bumps into a microphone, and it drops on the floor. That hard hit completely damaged your mic, and now you have to replace it. If it had Jupiter Accessories Micozy cover on it, it would protect it from having a hard fall. Because these top of the line covers have three custom-designed protective layers, they are lined with enough cushion to support your device from most situations.

Another reason that microphones get damaged is by humidity. Unfortunately, moisture is uncontrollable in most situations. Because microphones usually stay at schools overnight, the air temperatures can reach humid, especially in tight rooms. Humidity can get inside your mic and destroy the way it works.

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By using a microphone flight case, you will be allowing students to continue practicing musical education without any interruptions. Music students can influence our future generations, and help continue to spread touching and emotional music around the world. Let’s help them protect their microphone cases with Micozy 3-in-1 covers! Click here to start shopping Micozy protectors.


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