Youtubers Use Professional Microphones Too

There are millions of YouTube subscribers who are fans of specific vloggers and look at their videos religiously. Those famous YouTubers are dedicated to creating videos and posting them on the app regularly so that their fanbase can enjoy. These stars can receive billions of views per video, so hard work is required to continue making more successful posts. Whether they are comedians, gamers, beauty experts, lifestyle vloggers, chefs, etc., they most likely use professional microphones to record themselves with top quality sound. A very popular mic in the YouTube world is the Blue Snowball Mic, and we will tell you why.

Why Youtubers Love Using Blue Snowball Mic

One of the most important aspects of having a great YouTube video is sound. Sure, the quality itself is crucial, but what if your fan base has a hard time hearing clearly when you speak? You can end up losing viewers if your videos do not come out perfect. Luckily, there are top quality microphones on the market that will provide you with the ability to make great sounding posts. Aside from the popular Blue Yeti mic, there is a second popular product in town, which is the Blue Snowball mic.

If you have a list of YouTubers that you love, most of them may be using the Blue Snowball for top quality sound. Here is what you need to know about this product:

  1. It is smaller than most other microphones. This can be a great thing, especially if you sit down for most of your videos. For example, makeup artist vloggers sit down at a vanity to do their makeup tutorials. Having a smaller mic handy that will fit anywhere on the desk is very beneficial. Having a larger mic can get in the way and irritate you while trying to film.
  2. It has USB options so that once you finish recording you can easily transfer the video. If you have a Mac or PC computer, it will connect through USB and automatically upload onto your device. Who wouldn’t want an easy process when trying to transfer a video that is longer than 5 minutes? With this mic, you are able to do so, stress-free.
  3. The mic comes equipped with its own stand. It is very necessary to have your microphone sitting on a stand while filming certain scenes. For one, the stand will ensure that it does not move or slip off of a desk or table. It also has a good grip to be held in place, your video will not look glitchy and blurry. Lastly, having your mic on a stand will give you the ability to be hands-free, so you can focus on what your video is all about.
  4. The snowball offers high-quality sound. Many YouTube stars will agree that this microphone allows their fans to hear them perfectly. Investing in a great mic can really help your career boom.

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